VASS and José Pablo de Pedro partner to create T4S Advance Solutions to lead the SAP consulting market

To lead the SAP consulting market in the coming years, VASS and José Pablo de Pedro, founder of Realtech in Spain and Techedge in Spain and Latin America, have partnered to create T4S Advance Solutions, with a business plan that estimates a turnover of 30 million euros in Spain in 2023. The goal: to be the first name in the SAP consulting market.

T4S will specialize in “advanced topics” such as cloud computing, AI, IoT, Industry 4.0, robotics, Blockchain, or augmented reality on business processes based on the SAP platform.

In the coming years, SAP customers are expected to migrate to the cloud and to new versions such as S/4H with in-memory databases that will allow the interaction of these systems with many devices and supplier customers interacting in real-time with SAP-based business processes.

The focus of T4S is “Technology for SAP”, with emphasis on all projects with a complex SAP-based technology component. With this model, T4S hopes to become the #1 solution for any company diving into SAP tech capabilities.

“Companies with SAP software need a reliable and trusted partner with which to tackle their SAP projects with technological complexity, and that partner is T4S. These projects must be agile, with experts in each technology involved to ensure time, cost and quality. The VASS@400 project, supported by the OEP, is an excellent platform for T4S to grow in Spain and expand internationally,” emphasized José Pablo de Pedro.

The new agreement is part of the VASS@400 strategy that aims to become the leader in Spanish-based digital consulting, leading the group to a turnover of more than 400 million euros in the next five years. This plan is backed by Private Equity OEP (One Equity Partners), who joined VASS at the end of 2020 to support this growth and international expansion.

“This agreement represents a milestone in VASS’ strategy and lays the foundation for a new way of doing things in the SAP technology environment,” said Fco. Javier Latasa, CEO of VASS.

It is estimated that the company will have a turnover of €30 million in Spain by 2023.


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