‘TIC Monitor’, our monthly barometer to assess the latest trends in the sector

Thanks to a collaboration agreement with the Economic Prediction Center CEPREDE, VASS will periodically monitor the economic cycle of the ICT sector and contribute to the present and future of our society in the hand of an effective digital transformation.

At VASS, we have signed a collaboration agreement with the Economic Prediction Center CEPREDE to kick off ‘TIC Monitor’, a monthly barometer to evaluate the latest trends in the sector.

At VASS, we have signed a collaboration agreement with the Economic Prediction Center CEPREDE to kick off ‘TIC Monitor’, a monthly barometer to evaluate the latest trends in the sector.


Javier Latasa, president of VASS, and Antonio Pulido, CEO of CEPREDE, have been responsible for initialing this agreement thanks to which, as of this month of May, key trends in the technology consulting sector will be analyzed, thus facilitating the monitoring of the economic cycle in a key sector for the Spanish economy and its digital transformation.


‘TIC Monitor’, whose results will be announced on a regular basis on the third Tuesday of each month, is an action encompassed in ‘VASS Research ‘, the platform for the study and development of innovation with which we want to be at the forefront of ICT research in Spain.


Our goal is to become a benchmark for ICT sector trends with a monthly barometer that will bring an original and unprecedented perspective in relation to the evolution of activity, employment, and business prospects, in the field of information technology and ICT, both in Spain and in the European Union.


For its deployment, we will deal with official data from the National Employment Institute (INE, due to its Spanish acronym) and the European Commission, which will be analyzed along with other current and accurate data on the evolution of the computer consulting subsector.


According to teacher Antonio Rueda, from the Department of Economic Structure and Development Economics of the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM, due to its acronym in Spanish) and head of ‘TIC Monitor’, this will allow to obtain “a good thermometer of which opportunities new information technologies offer today.”

Particularly, he adds, because “since the last crisis hit the Spanish economy mercilessly, it is more necessary than ever to seek new growth patterns that replace the already unrepeatable real estate excesses and complement the tourism sector, whose overflow is already causing some social discontent or even tourist phobia.” “Spain needs, in short, a leap in productivity that makes it possible to take advantage of all the possibilities that globalization offers and, there, ICTs have a lot to add,” Rueda emphasizes.

In this sense, in VASS, we want to contribute to the Spanish society (of the present and the future) with the publication of realistic and reliable estimates of employment and activity that could emerge from the hand of an effective digital transformation of Spanish companies. The results of the first ‘TIC Monitor’ will be announced on May 16th.


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