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VASS exceeds 142 million turnover and grows by 5.15% in 2020

2020 has been one of the most complicated years in recent decades due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus. This has forced companies to adapt quickly to the new situation in order to survive. VASS has seen an opportunity in this context and, despite the adverse circumstances due to the pandemic, has closed the 2020 financial year with a turnover of 142,666,000 €, which represents a growth of 5.15% compared to the previous year and an EBITDA of 9.6%.

VASS closes the year in positive territory and strengthens its position in the international market, especially in LATAM, where it achieves growth close to 25%.

“It has been an extraordinary and complex year, but we have managed to overcome it and learn from it, so, in that sense, we have come out of it stronger. Certainly, our sector has not been the most affected by the health situation, but it has inevitably affected us, and we had to lower the growth expectations we had for 2020. Despite this, we have not stopped growing in terms of turnover or staff”, says Fco. Javier Latasa, president of VASS.

Additionally, 2020 has also been the year of two major milestones for this company. Firstly, the redesign of its brand image and the promotion of a new business strategy based on the ‘Complex Made Simple’. Secondly, the majority shareholding as a strategic partner of One Equity Partners (OEP), facing the challenge of reaching a turnover of 400 million in the next 5 years and becoming the leading group in the market.

VASS @400 strategic plan

To achieve this, the VASS Group will continue with the development of its VASS@400 strategic plan launched two years ago. It will promote a much more scalable, efficient, and global organisation within the company, and will strengthen its presence in both the national and international markets.

“We want to lead the sector in the upcoming years. We want to do so by creating a leading digital group, with a strong presence in our country, but also with great international projection, especially in Northern Europe and the US. This challenge is not easy, but we are confident that with our work philosophy, our values, our great team, and, now, with our new partner, we will take the necessary steps to achieve it. For VASS this is a sector project. We want to involve other companies to participate in the creation of the group that will lead the industry in the next 10 years”, explains Latasa.

During 2020, the presence of VASS outside Spain continued the growth initiated in previous years. In fact, foreign subsidiaries have grown by 8.29%, with LATAM figures standing out in particular.

Furthermore, in its firm commitment to talent and to people as a basic pillar of the organisation, VASS has developed throughout the year the SmartWorking model, based on alternating presence in the office with remote work. Thanks to this, the 2,186 VASS employees have seen their efficiency and productivity increase as a result of this great flexibilisation of the working day.

More data for optimism

Meanwhile, the group’s companies in 2020 have led the growth in Spain with an increase of 36% compared to 2019. In particular, NATEEVO has grown by 25%, reaching 8.8 million and a portfolio of more than 300 customers.

vdSHOP has grown to €4,600,000 and has increased its workforce by 24%. Moreover, Serbatic has exceeded €12,000,000 with a team of more than 360 people.

With these figures, Grupo VASS faces 2021 with optimism: “If in these circumstances we have been able to execute 4,600 projects and achieve an average customer satisfaction of 8.3 out of 10, I am confident that when the healthcare situation normalises, we can get back up to cruising speed and reach 2025 with the objectives we have established”, sums up Latasa.


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