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In our debut episode, hosts Chris Brown, Chief Operating Officer at Intelligenz, A VASS Company (the team with deep-tech capacities at VASS) and Frankie Carrero, Director of Data & AI, take you on a journey into the fascinating Artificial Intelligence (AI) playground.

Frankie and Chris are two senior AI experts with a very solid background in AI business implementation globally. Their aim with UnwAIred is to showcase the truths about deployment, decisions and myths around this technology.

In the first episode they share key insights such as the global impact of AI, its accessibility beyond Silicon Valley, and the importance of starting small and scaling gradually to maximize ROI.


Furthermore, the episode provides valuable insights for those getting into the realm of AI. As Frankie states: "We need to make sure that ChatGPT is not the only way to have or create AI. Among the AI hype, the focus is often on large language models, but the AI landscape is very broad. As a company deeply immersed in AI implementations, we witness remarkable projects beyond GPT. There is a wide variety of algorithms and solutions that go beyond language generation".

Chris adds: "It's key that we don't just get laser focused on large language models and generative AI in its own, as amazing as it is, and it is fantastic, and we do a lot of work in that space, but when you're starting your journey, it's really important to keep that breadth of vision, to really start to think about what it is that your organization needs from a business".

In a competitive business environment where AI can be the ultimate competitive advantage, distinguishing between AI hype and tangible outcomes is crucial. Of all AI projects, 85% of them never make it into production. That means 85% of AI projects never have an impact on ROI or have minimal impact on ROI at best, and a lot of that is down to the consumption methods of AI; “This is a  topic that I think is overlooked, but in my opinion, it should be the first topic that should be considered, because understanding the complexities of AI consumption is crucial to deliver transformative and impactful results,” added Chris.

From hype to real ROI, this inaugural episode not only untaps the complexities of AI, but also emphasizes AI’s continuous journey of adaptation and learning.

Exciting episodes await, diving deeper into specific AI topics! 


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