VASS completes the integration of One Inside, strengthening its global presence

In 2022, VASS announced the acquisition of One Inside, a firm specialising in IT consulting, strengthening the partnership with Adobe as one of its main partners in the region. This strategic union was key to VASS' expansion, penetrating the Swiss market and strengthening its presence in the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).

With more than two years of effective collaboration and in line with the joint vision for growth, VASS has successfully integrated One Inside into its corporate structure. This process culminates in the complete transition to the VASS brand, reflecting the consolidation of both entities under one name.

For One Inside, this process involves an evolution in three key areas of its operation. In Marketing and Sales, the company will focus on optimising the use of its promotional materials to appeal to a global audience, capitalising on the opportunities offered by the international market. In Operations, regional deals will be maintained as a base, however, innovative practices will be implemented to adapt to working on global accounts and to promote effective collaboration with teams in different countries, ensuring an agile and efficient response to the demands of the international market. Finally, in Corporate Services, One Inside is committed to adopting and aligning itself with the operational standards of a multinational company. This includes offering its experts additional professional development opportunities, such as new career paths and customised training programmes, with the aim of empowering internal talent and staying ahead in an increasingly globalised business environment.

The transformation of One Inside into VASS reflects a joint commitment of both companies to excellence in IT consulting and digitalisation.

“The integration of One Inside strengthens our position as a leader in digitalisation in Europe and enhances our ability to offer innovative solutions to our customers in all key markets in Western Europe.”

Francisco Javier Latasa, Executive Chairman of VASS

“This rebranding represents a promising opportunity to grow our business, to strengthen our presence abroad and to participate in a global brand with our local culture, where we feel included and represented. It will also allow us to reach more markets and customers, collaborate on business-to-business projects and an even broader portfolio of digital services and solutions.”

Clemens Bussinger, MD Switzerland & North Macedonia

This plan is backed by private equity firm OEP (One Equity Partners), which joined VASS at the end of 2020 and has extensive experience in supporting companies to execute ambitious growth plans.

With this completed integration, VASS continues its trajectory of growth and consolidation as a leader in the consulting and digital transformation sector, and reinforces its position as a leading global provider of technology solutions.


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