VASS joins forces with ActiveViam to provide a global response to its financial services clients

In order to further increase the value of solutions for its customers and continue to respond to their needs, VASS joins forces with ActiveViam to create a global response to its financial services customers with the creation of risk management ecosystems.

ActiveViam is a global software services provider for the financial industry. Its FRTB solution has been recognised as the best credit risk product for sale. This company has two decades of experience in the market and a platform for data analysis capable of accelerating decision making in a reliable way, without blind spots.

“Thanks to this collaboration between both companies, we will increase our capabilities to offer joint solutions that uncover the full power of data analytics in risk management across corporate and financial markets. Our main objective is to become strategic partners for our clients in the field of risk management, using state-of-the-art technologies,” said Eduardo Lorente, Global Head of Business Development at VASS.

Laurent Sultan, Chief Revenue Officer of ActiveViam, emphasises that “it is clear that our objectives and methods are aligned in terms of approach, to ensure that clients integrate technology comfortably and not as an imposition. This partnership will help us continue to expand our reach to help the financial sector manage market risk.”

Some of the core capabilities of ActiveViam’s data aggregation and analytics platform include clients’ free exploration of metrics at a granular level, detection and diagnosis of outliers as they occur, and real-time impact analysis of what-if scenarios. All of this translates into profit optimisation, higher return on investment and reduced exposure to fines for regulatory non-compliance.

ActiveViam is present in some of the most important financial markets globally, such as London, New York, Singapore, Sydney, Hong Kong, Paris and Frankfurt.


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