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VASS rolls out its M&A department, headed by Eugenia Menéndez in Strategy and Corporate Development and Patricio Novoa in Corporate Integration

Both are natural choices to strengthen VASS’ position as a market leader in digital solutions, both in Spain and abroad, and will be key players in the accomplishment of VASS@400, the challenge to reach a turnover of 400 million euros by 2025.

To reiterate, Eugenia Menéndez will be directly responsible for selecting and folding in prospective members  of the VASS family. Given her role’s tight relationship with analytics and KPIs,  Menéndez will also be overseeing the financial and commercial analyses of companies targeted by VASS and building acquisition strategies through entire lifecycles.  She is a natural fit for the role, given her robust resume in the ICT services and digital transformation sector, as well as her stellar track record in business processes, strategy development, and transformation.

Initially a chemical engineer from Ramon Llul University in Barcelona, Menéndez earned her Master’s in finance from Instead, and has been part of the VASS family for 14 years. Her history with the company is wide in scope and encompassing multiple scalar levels, from Catalonia to the national level. She has also worked as an account partner at the U.S. multinational technology company IBM, among other companies in the sector.

From there, Patricio Novoa will lead the integration process of the newly created or acquired companies — primary examples would include T4S Advance Solutions and Comunytek, — into both the cultural and static values of the VASS family. During Novoa’s time at VASS Chile, he was a lynchpin in the inception and development of new business strategies in this strategic location in Latin America. His education pedigree is substantial, boasting a Bachelor’s in Economics and Business Administration from the San Pablo CEU University, and several Master’s in Strategic Management and Marketing. His experience as a free agent in the sector is similarly lengthy and illustrious as a much-sought-after consultant, having held positions of responsibility for more than 20 years in various multinationals in the sector.

None of this would be possible without the support and knowledge of One Equity Partners, which acquired part of Grupo VASS in December 2020.

Eugenia Menéndez the current Director of Strategy and Transformation at VASS, will be responsible for duties directly related to actual mergers and acquisitions. Patricio Novoa, formerly of VASS Chile (CEO), will take point on integrating newly merged companies into the VASS family chaired by Fco. Javier Latasa.


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