At VASS, we offer technology solutions for the automotive sector, including enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, process automation software, industrial information technology (IT) and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to improve efficiency and productivity in production plants.

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Jacobo Guillén

Industry & Services Global Director at VASS

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New Business & Services | Software & Mobility Solutions Providers

From vehicle sales to software & mobility solutions services, Connected Car Engineering, Autonomous Vehicle, Agile and Intelligent Transportation & Delivery, B2B- B2C solutions

Digital Contact Center

New channels and digital processes for customers

Financial Services and Automotive Bank

Agency model, Sales & After Sales business models, E2E online sales for private, B2B, and fleet customers

Net Zero

Electrification & Sustainability, Product Footprint Management, Emissions tracking and monitoring, Sustainable Digital Products and Intelligent Reports

Infotainment & Security 


What is hyperautomation? Examples and use cases

Article Index Hyperautomation is one of the great technological opportunities, not just of the future, but of the present we are experiencing. According to a Gartner report, the global market for this sector amounted to 596 billion dollars in 2022.  That same year, 90% of large-scale organizations globally had adopted some type of RPA (robotic […]

Is it possible to simplify processes within the education system?

If the management of the education system, both public and private, already turned out to be complex considering the large amount of information which is necessary to handle (students, marks, records, subjects, training programmes, teachers, etc.), the pandemic has furthered pressure to this context, thus displaying the need for greater efficiency and digitalisation of systems. […]

03 Sep 2021