Process Mining, digitalization, Customer-Centric, etc. Technology and the new ways to understand the customer’s position are shaking up the banking sector, thus fostering the emergence of new competitors and innovative business models. The law contributes to these changes by innovating and improving conditions for users. In this context, digital banking is no longer an option but a need, and, from VASS, we consider our role is to help customers throughout this transformation. Service customization and humanization will be vital, together with the intensive use of data. Besides, we need simpler processes and a commitment to sustainability to live up to our customers’ expectations.


José Uñón

Banking Director at VASS

Digital Banking

Humanizing the digital experience

After several years during which the spotlight has been on digitalizing customers, it is now necessary to set out strategies that maximize customer satisfaction and loyalty in the new digital channels.

Operational Efficiency

In search of ongoing improvement

Banks have to take a stance on the virtuous circle of ongoing improvement. Digitalizing corporate processes, identifying bottlenecks, and applying hyper-automation surgical techniques.

Data Insights

Data monetisation

A large amount of existing data should help feed insights that allow for increasing the sales ratio based on customization.

New Banking Models

Alternative and responsible models

Banks must explore new ways to generate revenue, from incorporating into marketplaces that boost consumer finance with sales by installments to the investment based on social responsibility standards.

3 basic applications of Blockchain in the banking sector

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Benefits and challenges of Cloud Computing implementation in the banking sector

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