Virtual agents to improve user experience

Quick, automatic and precise responses.

Providing the digital channel with value thanks to the integration of Virtual Agents with Artificial Intelligence for the resolution of questions and incidents.

Electric energy from Europe to Latin America

Our customer is a multinational energy company and one of the major global integrated operators in the energy sector.

Technological alternatives to generate immediate responses

The world is moving forward and technology is not going to stop. In this context, users are looking for immediate responses and a homogeneous experience in relation to their concerns and/or requests, through the different channels, thus forcing companies to seek technological alternatives that live up to their customers’ expectations, since otherwise they would not be able to respond so fast.

In this context, the worldwide leading organisation in the energy sector, present in Chile (among other countries in Latin America) has relied on VASS’s experience to develop and update digital channels. At an early stage, a comprehensive analysis of the problems to be solved was carried out, defining a model which allows for meeting customers’ needs, developing different functionalities to achieve it, and laying robust foundations to apply the solution to different channels.

Towards the adoption of Conversational Virtual Agents

In this case VASS’s challenge was to figure out how to implement these functionalities on Salesforce, using the Digital Engagement cloud (Einstein Bots). This technology allows for generating immediate responses to the questions of platform users, like balance and payment inquiry, meter reading, emergencies, ticket copy, referral to an agent, payment or consumption history, change of name on tickets or invoices, or response to frequently asked questions, among many others.

Thanks to the solution, a more fluent experience between users and the energy company is achieved, thus solving the questions in just a few minutes through the interaction with bots. These bots contain a process architecture designed to properly respond platform in a reduced amount of time.

Besides, these bots are learning and are trained constantly, which is why they are able to interpret what the customer needs at any time.

Due to the great contribution to the digital channel, our customer has decided to include this solution in its headquarters in Peru and Colombia, thus achieving a cross customer service experience in its headquarters in Latin America.

A team highly specialised in Salesforce and in projects with Bots

Nowadays, VASS’s team specialised in Salesforce is made up of over 400 profiles that are expert in a wide array of functionalities and capabilities. Besides, as Salesforce Partner Platinum, VASS has a wide technological experience in their competence centres located in Spain and Latin America, in which professionals trained and certified in the different competences of Salesforce work. Both companies are committed to providing customers with innovative solutions.

We have a multidisciplinary team of consultants, with years of experience in projects involving chatbot technology and portal projects similar to that required in this case.

In VASS, we help customers by adding Real Value to their innovation processes, always on the basis of high specialisation and technological differentiation but at the same time, with an approach of closeness, flexibility and simplicity that has always characterised us as a company.

Experience improvement and cost reduction

Thanks to the development of the project, the response times regarding the user requests have considerably decreased, which resulted in a better experience and higher customer satisfaction.

Thanks to the personalised experience offered by Salesforce Einstein Bots through their smart architecture, we have been able to:

  • Reduce response times:automatic bot responses, with full access to the customer’s information on the same platform.
  • Optimise the workload of the customer service team:exertions on routine tasks are limited and the response coverage is extended to 24/7.
  • Better information and more diligence: human error is eliminated from responses.
  • Increase in the conflict solution rate:a better response to complaints is achieved, after enhancing the tool and Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities.
  • Focus on Branding and Customer experience: the image of the company and the communication they intend to maintain with the customer is improved, given that it is possible to control certain characteristics, such as the name, the tone, etc.

Reduce response times

Optimise the workload of the customer service team

Technical details

  • For the introduction of Bots on the user platform, Salesforce Einstein Bots have been employed, a type of chatbot capable of processing and understanding natural language thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence.