Data management to offer a better service

Centralizing the organization and information management, processes are facilitated

Making simple what is complex implies processiong a lot of inherent information to each sector, and that of health is one of the most challenging.

A document solution

Osakidetza, the Health Service in the Vask Country, needed a document solution where the information were simply digitalized to be able to access to it and manage it in agile way.   Patients, records, analytics, results, directory folders, calendars….All these documents are part of a public healt system. So, organise and manage them can be challenging, specially when there is no digital system. Our task consisted on creating an unique and centralized repository able to host all the necessary information to properly operate, guaranteeing working agility in  information Osakidetza and satisfaction on the part of the citizens. 


Data managemnet: Many documents, one tool

To get to this Document Solution we used the tool Opentext Documentum, previously known as  Documentum, which permits to create the cycle of life of a document in different stages: creation, revisión, approval, management, publication, printing and deletion. 

In this sense, for Osakidetza  we centralized in one platform document consolidation fucntions generated by producing systems within the same model of data and common architecture and infrastructure.


An unique platform which enhances the service to citizens

Our Document Solution Osakidetza has achieved:

  • Consolidate all data in an unique platform.
  • Avoid the necessity to duplicate documents to access to them. 
  • Facilitate transversal searching of documents from the applications. 
  • Offer an unique product to access to the patientá information.

An unique platform which allows a better performance of the service

Technology factsheet

With Opentext we easily digitalized in a faster way all the existing information in paper, customizing the flow of data since it is first introduced until the final file is created, being this accesible to the users. With this tool we achieved to:

  • Implement processes which reduce the risk of default.
  • Increase the return of investment (ROI) through an accelerated productivity and low implementation cost. 
  • Apply customized metadata to the organized documents.
  • Automate the processes via the graphic tool Workflow Designer.
  • Use authorizations to access to the documents.
  •  Audit all events of the document.


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