Development and maintenance of the web portals for the public administartion

Digital solutions to come near to the citizenship

The digital transformation in the public sector implies a new manner of interacting with the customer

Digitization: The key to development

To be able to provide a quality service to the citizen, the Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación (MAPA) and the Ministerio para la Transición Ecológica y el Reto Demográfico (MITECO) nedeed to equipped their web portals of a greater performance, efficency and functionality. Thus, they launched a competition in which the accomplishment of a series of services oriented to the evolutive and corrective of their Web portals were requested. A competition that we won and which allowed us to offer these public institutions a bespoke digital solution able to transform their relationship with the citizens.

portal web

Web portals: Experts in making it simple

Following a hybrid methodology, adapted to the needs of MAPA / MITECO, to achieved the benefits both in agile methodologies and bottom-up ones, we developed a a solution which covered all theri needs:

  1. Platform of content management SDL Tridion. From the technical definition of content management to the integration and development of new services. 
  2. Web Portals of the Ministry. We perform tasks focused on improving the accessibility and usability of the portals, as for example, multi-device adaptation. 
  3. Applications of the environment of web portals. We created a framework of formularies for their automation. Besides, the integration of SIG applications in the section of Natural Paths and Beach Guides. 
  4. External systems. We developed a framework of browsers to guarantee a greater speed at the time of implementing new browsers. 
  5. Development and production of new functionalities of the platform of  content management plus redesigning the main sections to provide it with a more current image and a better usability. 
  6. Management of the administartion of the technological platform: installation and configuration of modules or setting of applications and system components among others. 

Portal web

Better user experience, better results

Due to the implemented solution, MAPA/MITECO now has:

  • Higher efficency.
  • A more current image of their Web portals. 
  • Greater improvement in accessibility and usability of the portals, with marks higher than 9, according to the Accessibility observatory.
  • Capacity of multidevice adaptation of various sections of the portals. 
  • Improvement in the automation and maintenance of the portal formularies. 
  • Higher speed of implementation of new browsers in the portals. 
  • Compatibility with the current developments due to the migration of the content manager Tridion to the 8.5. version.

It improves accessibility and usability of the portals

Higher speed

Technology factsheet

To offer MAPA/MITECO the most eficent platforms, on this occasion we used the technology SDL Tridion. From the Digital Area of the company all types of initiatives focused on generating, updating and widen the digital information channel are coordinated according to a Digital Strategy specifically designed for each organism, with almost 20 years of experience in web portals, thanks to more than 500 engineers located in Europe and America. Among these, almost 25% are certified in practically all content managers in the market. 


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