Digital transformation inside and outside

Redisigning banking, the customer is always at the centre

A new web and optimized internal processes: digital transformation to meet the needs of 3 million customers who have allowed the regional leadership.

A digital product to communicate with the customers

Renovate the public web of a bank is not only a matter of changing design elements but to guarantee a user experience according to today´s needs. So, Unicaja Bank, being an entity which takes the historic helm of a series credit entities, had been confronted to transformations since the beginning, what means that today, within the frame of its  “ADN 2.0” process was in search of improving its internal digital culture. Its proximity and service vocation to the customers, together with its intention of forestall to the thecnological necessities results in a perfectly adapted web to its customers´needs, from the native digital ones to those who are not.  

Study the customer to offer what is needed…Just in time

This way, we conceptualized the new portal and achieved all migration from the public web of Unicaja Bank with the Adobe Experience Manager.

From the beginning we had the adaptability and usability in the centre, thus, we developed a completely responsive web which adapts to all devices. We created a new navigation model and an architecture of information which brings over all products and services demanded by the customer at the right moment.  

We also defined the internal communication model, where many interactions were created within the product file through CTA. 

Finally we secured the implementation of proper practices via Agile methodology.

Digital transformation in record time

  • We implemented the Agile methodology in the organization. 
  • We built a digital strategy to generate business, both digital and in the offices. 
  • We migrated all the public web in just five months. This has only been possible due to have all developments in the cloud. This process has facilitated many of the changes in the product. 

With a user centric visión and the technology Adobe Experience manager, we managed to build a complete digital platform focused on the behaviour and needs of the users. All of this coupled with a new definition of internal processes with Agile methodology and coontinuous integration of technology, giving way to the digital transformation of Unicaja Bank. 

Migration of the new public web within a period of 4 months

Technology factsheet

Through Adobe Experience Manager we achieved to manage the web multichannel content, since it offers advantages both for marketing and the developers, generating personalized experiences. Besides, with the help of the tests and the optimization, we ensure that the content is automatically adjusted to satisfy the customers´s expectations and that all interactions are conducted and properly produced. 


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