A better user experience thanks to the development of the iHogar app which is capable of managing household accidents in an efficient and functional way.

Speed and effectiveness at your service

Santalucía wanted to offer its customers a fast and effective way of communicating and managing accidents. With the iHogar app alone, you can include all the information regarding the accident without making any phone calls. Once the process is completed, the accident alarm will remain active and the customer will receive instructions as soon as possible.

iHogar app: Our solution

VASS has helped Santalucía improve the user experience and adapt the new brand image on the iHogar app, by carrying out a native development for iOS and Android.

This new mobile app will allow Santalucía customers to communicate and manage their accidents in a fast and effective way, without having to make phone calls, including all the information directly available on the app. Its usability, design and functionality have significantly been improved.

With an easy and intuitive user experience, the app makes it possible to manage several household policies, notify a household incident in detail and provide the customer with real-time information about the evolution of their incident via push notifications.

In addition, it includes a Santalucía office locator which works with geolocation.

VASS has met the functional requirements in the creation of a product which increases the capabilities of the former and improves the current one.

Better user experience, greater benefits

Thanks to the iHogar app, customers can see, manage several policies in a unified way, consult the information regarding an accident and follow it up (Opening, appointment with the professional, status…). The app allows you to send documents and photos for the management of incidents, thus accelerating the whole process. This characteristic is especially useful for those places where there is not a Santalucía office nearby and the process would take a long time or in exceptional situations, like the current health alert in which we need to minimise personal contact.

Santalucía app is available for Smartphone and Tablet.



Technological details:

We are technologically evolving the available household Santalucía app initially based on Cordova to update the technological infrastructure borne by the operational set-up.

VASS deals with this proposal through the development of native Android and iOS apps based on a Clean Code architecture where the visual proposal is renewed, adapting it to the Material Design patterns and applying the styles of Santa Lucía’s renewed image. This allows, at the same time, to functionally reinforce the proposal with capabilities such as the follow-up of active accidents, as well as the participation of professionals and the immediate communication of the status of the activities related to its resolution by using Push Notifications. This app was developed under Java and Swift languages by employing the development environments corresponding to Android Studio and Xcode platforms. In terms of communication infrastructure, this app implements an interface separate from the data access layer, which allowed us to disconnect from legacy servers and reconnect to the new layer of apified services that Santa Lucía developed in parallel making a minimum effort at mapping DTO (Data Transfer Objects) objects for such reconnection.


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