Quality and digitalization: Our commitment

Security, performance and usability to the primary sector

Whenever and however you wish digitalization facilitates processes and services while offering a better experience for the user

Digitalization: The key to development

From the milk we drink in our breakfast to the payment method we use to buy it, the digitalization has transformed the processes as we used to know them, even the most traditional sectors are joining this new revolution.

Thus, Pelayo, leading company on agricultural risk insurances, in their commitment to offer the máximum quality to their farmers and breeders, decided to bet for the modernization of their digital channels to optimize their users´experience. All their services, all their needs, everything through the Internet. 


Experts in making it simple

A new public web portal and another private for professionals. Product commercialization and management in agricultural and livestock insurances, consultations with commissions, dealings with PAC, extra charge and agribusinesses; such varied service which required versatile solutions. 

And, it is because of our deep knowledge of the insurance sector and our wide capacities in the digital area, particularly Liferay, added to to our way of making your goals ours, that we develop exceptional digital projects in which growth, efficiency and speed are key factors for the result.

Besides, the creation of new synergies, the upgrading of the public web and the amplified browsing, everything through the Technology Liferay, allowed us to provide the digital platforms of Pelayo with the quality that now characterises it. 


Better user experience, better results

  • Higher efficiency.
  • Better user experience.
  • Better performance.

Our action plan took into account every single detail so as even the access times, the new content or the SEO of the web resulted in the best user experience. This, added to the improvements that we developed through Liferay,proved the following:

  1. A web of simple use for the employees where facilities can be found for their contributions and solutions adapted to each collaborator. 
  2. Enrichment of the content, structure, and the information of the web, added to the accessibility from any device, has led to an agile and useful web for the customers.
  3. A new portal of fast and simple Access for collaborators and mediators, which enables them to consult information from any place in a matter of seconds.

Upgraded access times


Technology factsheet

To offer Pelayo the most efficent platforms, this time we used the Liferay technology, being partners at platinum level. Our experience in the transformation of digital channels together with our great knowledge of technology helped us to differentiate ourdelves from the rest. With technology Liferay: 

  • We have wide technological experience present in their competence centre, with more than 60 trained professionals and  25% of certificates.
  • We do share the commitment of providing innovative solutions for the customers. 
  • We keep a credible presence of Liferay in their businesses. 
  • We commit ourselves to the constant evolution of the capacities of the Liferay products.


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