Rapid processes to gain and maintain customers

Increase of the transactional capacity

We improved the platform of transactional processing by using Oracle Fusion Middleware.

Dissatisfied user, user lost

Our customer, Tigo Guatemala, had been detecting problems in the service offered by its Middleware platform of transactional processing, especially through the limitations it had in its processes, reaction time or recurrent blockages.  

These technical limitations derived in uneffecctive transactions from their channels (web and branches) for purchasing, renewals and/or extents of products, as well as problems with customer service, which resulted in discontent during consultations and requests, and consequently, loss of income. Dissatisfied user, user-sooner or later-lost.

An efficient Middleware

We started with an initial general diagnosis where we performed a double analysis: 

Analysis of the needed architecture and infrastructure to guarantee the correct processing of transactions in the Middleware, according to the customer´s needs.

  • Analysis to improve reaction times of the business´back. 
  • Then, by using Oracle Fusion Middleware as a tool, we ran the necessary actions to achieved the required goals, orchestrating the job around three levers: constant counselling, assurance of communication between data bases and comprehensive testing (stress, performance, etc.).  

More transactions, more incomes

With these improvements on the platform, the main one for Tigo Guatemala has been the rise in the capacity of processing transactions in the Middleware, from 700 transactions per minute in the old system to more than 1700 nowadays. 


increase in transactions

Technology factsheet:

Oracle Fusion Middleware is a business digital platform for the company and the cloud. It allows communication among different applications, simplifying processes, making them more agile and whatsmore, it boosts technological efficiency since it permits to exploit modern architectures of hardware and software. In the case of Tigo Guatemala, Oracle Fusion Middleware has allowed us to develop a greater processing of the information, optimizing time and increasing transactions. 


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