Technology Liferay DXP Cloud: First Cloud Project in Spain

How to improve browsing, user experience and performance

To provide support to each of the employees and potential customers of FCC, we perform a migration of the webs and intranet located in the Liferay DXP Cloud, our platinum partner.

Objectives for the modernization

FCC, Global operator of constructions and recruitment needed to improve the operability of its platform aiming at keep on offering the best service to the citizens and maintain their position  as international reference, being present on the environmental, water and infrastructure  sectors. In order to do so, the company bet for a migration of the intranet and their different public portals lead y our specialized team in digital solutions to fulfill with all the requirements demanded by the multinational.

Development in a Cloud environment

A pioneer transformation at that time which used the technology Liferay DXP Cloud for the first time in Spain. A platform which allowed us to dump the digital environment of FCC in its interior which resulted in a technology change from  6.2 a 7.2, and the consequent improvement for the company, not only in terms of the product, taking advantage of the new capacities and functionalities of the technology Liferay DXP 7.2, but also in terms of the platform operation to be implemented on mobile environments. 

Besides, it has been taken profit of it to move them from an On Premise environment to a Cloud environment, moving them to the platform PaaS of Liferay DXP Cloud. To do so, the necessary modifications to be performed have been analysed in the existing developments, as well as all the necessary setting in a new DXP Cloud environment ( communication, firewall, balancing, etc). 

FCC and Liferay DXP Cloud

Thanks to the development of this solution it has been achieved: 

  • Reduction of costs to the infrastructure and maintenance level.
  • Creating a scalable solution for more tan 120 portals.
  • Infrastructure level: auto-scalable, automatic management of certificates and facility on deployments. 
  • Liferay level: Facility to create portals following a similar graphic line, both Intranet as well as Webs, with a very short time-to-market. 

Cost reduction at an infrastructure and maintenance level

Creating a scalable solution for more than 120 portals

Technology factsheet

To offer FCC the most efficient platform, in this particular occasion, we use the technology Liferay Liferay, from which we are platinum partners. Our experience in the transformation of digital channels together with our great knowledge of the technology helped us to differentiate ourselves from the rest. With technology Liferay:

  • We have a wide technological  experience depicted in their competencies centre, with more than 60 trained professionals with 25% of certificates.
  • We share the commitment of providing innovative solutions for the customers.
  • Keeping a reliable presence of Liferay on its businesses. 
  • We compromise ourselves to the constant evolution of the capacities of the Liferay products.


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