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Classified as the unique bank in Andorra in the Top 1000 ranking of the Financial Times, its passion for transformation builds the best user experience.

Management towards development

Commercial banking, private banking, assets management at national level and insurances: a wide family of services offered by Crèdit Andorrà also in Spain, Luxemburg, Mexico, Panamá and USA. Services which, due to the regulatory changes in the different countries have transformed the business, specially regarding the model of relationship with the customer, and which demanded a platform of the Manager which allowed them to improve their commercial activity, having a 360º perspective of the customer integrating their products and businesses in an unique platform, digitalizing the advicing of the platform and complying with the new regulatory framework.

A Pioneer implementation

To achieve these goals, Crèdit Andorrà chose the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud with areal time integration of its bank core Avaloq. An implementation which allowed them to run the processes of commercial management, comercial systematics, comercial banking and MIFID II, being, besides, the first implementation of this cloud in Europe. 

A Project developed under the Lightning interface and an Agile framework in which the work was divided in two blocks: 

  • Private Banking. Customer loads from the bank core, advisory processes, more intuitive proposals of investment and integration of the electronic signature with Docusign.
  • Commercial banking. CRM of tasks, events and activities, product selling of commercial banking, target generation, campaign generation, ROI, platform to help the manager, integration of the banking core and the insurer core and 360º perspective of the customer.

Technological excellence in user experience

Through the implementation of this manager we manage to: 

  • Provide a 360º perspective of the customer to all banking and insurance products. 
  • Simplify the processes of Private Banking and Commercial Banking, integrating both in real time with the bank core ( customer positioning, reporting, investment proposals, purchase orders) and with the digital signature. 
  • Automate all selling and advicing processes making use of the standard of the platform and giving way to the launch of MIFID II.
  • Reduce the timing of the flows through a unified platform and without the need to jump in between different technologies.
  • Guarantee the accessibility from any device, place and momento, endowing the platform with capacities of movility and improving the user experience of its customers. 
  • Include analytics and reporting with the objective of taking decisions which enrich future proccesses. 

A complex project which was entrusted to us by this banking group thanks to our wide ecperience in finantial proccesses, because our knowledge of the implications MIFID II has over such processes and for the wide experience of our team with the platform Salesforce. 

The first implementation Salesforce Financial Services Cloud in Europe

Classified as the unique bank in Andorra in the Top 1000 ranking of the Financial Times

Technology factsheet

Greater speed to offer better customer service, an unified perspective to facilitate the employees´s work and an unique platform to optimise any working flow is, in general perspective, what Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, CRM Nº1 platform worldwide in the world, and which allowed us to provide solutions to all needs required by our customer. 


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