Within the energy, utilities, and environment sector, VASS's mission is to help customers make the most of the chances which arise from the junction of two major disruptions: energy transition and digital transformation. This was achieved thanks to our solution & service portfolio that aimed, on the one hand, at empowering customers through digital solutions and, on the other, at improving operational efficiency and productivity. In this context, the market trends are increasingly demanding new value-added products and services. For that reason, in VASS, we put our experience and technological capability at companies' benefit from the energy sector.


Ángel López Ibáñez

Global Director of Energy, Utilities and Environment

Our solutions


What does a Marketing Automation platform offer?

The Marketing Automation platform allows segmenting and carrying out automatic processes according to the user’s information by sending automated and personalized (in form and content) communications. In addition, customers’ stored data will be taken into consideration, but contacts may also change depending on individual actions: open an e-mail, click a link, contract, etc. In this way, specific Journeys may be created for each audience so that the messages are sent at the right time and form and impact the customer.


Technologies to face water challenges

Thanks to the new solutions and the use and development of different technologies, improving efficiency and sustainability in water management and water processes are much more accessible. Some of these technologies are • Smart water meters, and these devices make it possible to detect fraud, improve business management, and boost efficiency and sustainability. • IoT (Internet of Things). The Internet applied to the things that allow for generating insights or alarms and recommendations for more efficient use of resources and ensuring the correct treatment of water. • Data Weather Intelligence, AI, and Machine Learning. Combining the most innovative technologies allows for making weather forecasts, foreseeing dry seasons, carrying out innovative analyses to improve infrastructure maintenance, etc.


Information management in energy projects

Our company specializes in implementing cloud-based information management solutions, boosting business intelligence, and leading organizations towards connection and securitization. We have worked with different companies in the energy sector and, therefore, we want to share our experience outlining several possible actions or implementations when dealing with this type of project: template-based project configuration and creation in terms of the review process, the process of using plant operation documents in different projects and the process of exchange with external engineering firms.


The best consumer service in the energy sector

When we talk about consumer service in the energy sector, we found ourselves in a very traditional sector in which this need had not even been laid out until recently. However, competition is increasingly aggressive, the new business models burst into the energy market, and subscribers are becoming more and more demanding, which is why we will have […]

Towards sustainable energy: future trends

Energy is moving towards sustainability, customer service or electrification. Renewable energies are increasingly important and environmental criteria already figure among the demands made by our society, which drives energy companies to make changes in their business, as well as in the way they do things, produce and commercialise energy. In this context, what are the market […]