How VASS is transforming User Experience globally

How VASS is transforming User Experience globally

Maybe the concept of “Galaxy” is something you have heard before?

20 Nov 2023

But at VASS, Galaxy is the synonym of a ground-breaking project that we very proudly developed for our client, Parques Reunidos, one of the top 10 global leading operators in the amusement park industry. It has been in the making for three years and implied the development of 24 websites to improve and personalize user experience, involving the collaboration of 220 professionals from diverse backgrounds and countries, ranging from designers, developers to park experts. 

Our Galaxy project offers unforgettable experiences at more than 50 parks across Europe, North America, Australia, and the Middle East. Continuous innovation is crucial to their success as they introduce new products and concepts, constantly enhancing digital user experience.  

Galaxy was led by our highly specialized teams, whose purpose was to create a constellation of digital experience enhancements in each of the parks’ portals. This included a two-folded challenge from a front and back-end perspective, from developing user tools to guided purchasing processes, all designed with the goal of providing customers with a truly unique experience in collaboration with Adobe. 

The launch of Galaxy has played a crucial role in meeting Parques Reunidos goals. One of the biggest challenges of the project was to build all the websites using the same technology, given the diverse range of countries, languages, and currencies in which the parks operate worldwide. VASS created a seamless constellation across operations, hence, the name of this project, “Galaxy” – meant to operate like a group of stars and planets, in harmony within the same ecosystem. 

Given the scale and complexity of the challenge, we chose to use Adobe Experience Cloud due to its cutting-edge technology platform and applications. Through Adobe, over 50 online managers throughout the world were able to manage content across sites simultaneously. The technology selected allowed us to ensure that our solution was scalable and made the complex simple. 

A year into the deployment of this project, the set conversion rate and organic traffic performance objectives have been surpassed. The Galaxy project was a result of the collaboration across the VASS team expert units: User Experience, Web Development, Design, Search Content Strategy & Analytics. 

In the words of Eduardo Lorente, CEO of VASS in Spain“Just as it is important for every customer around the world to enjoy a pleasant day of leisure at a Parques Reunidos site, it is also essential to translate an equally enriching and seamless experience online. This is a challenge that VASS has set out to solve through our Galaxy project, where we have provided the deep expertise of our professionals in web user experience, analytics, front and back-end development.”

According to Oscar García Oltra, Chief Digital Officer (CDO) of Parques Reunidos, “The challenge was huge. We aimed to improve the digital purchasing experience for our customers through a global system that was efficient and agile in developing future functionalities while also accommodating to the differences of our operating sites. We have successfully solved this challenge thanks to our collaboration.”  

But at VASS, Galaxy is the synonym of a ground-breaking project that we very proudly developed for our client, Parques Reunidos, one of the top 10 global leading operators in the amusement park industry.


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