Delivering Personalised Customer Journeys with Liferay DXP

Delivering Personalised Customer Journeys with Liferay DXP

Are you considering connecting customer, employees and systems experiences? Keep reading this post to know all about Digital Experience Platforms, Liferay DXP, and how VASS does it.

20 Jan 2021

What is Liferay?

Liferay is an award-winning open-source Digital Experience Platform company with a greater-than-profit vision. Over 1800 enterprises choose Liferay in fields such as banking, insurance, government and many more. Liferay prides itself in delivering a tailored solution for businesses’ challenges. Whether a company is looking to increase B2B online revenue, create customer self-service experiences, drive employee productivity or unify disparate systems, Liferay has a solution in place.

What is a Digital Experience Platform (DXP)?

Today, the growing number of customer touchpoints, applications and digital interactions requires a new technology architecture. A digital experience platform (DXP) is an emergent type of business software that strives to meet companies’ needs in their digital transformation process, with the ultimate goal of delivering a better customer experience. 

DXPs can be a single product, although they are often a suite of products that work in a coordinated way. Digital Experience Platforms deliver the required architecture for companies to digitise business operations, connect customer experiences, and gather processable data on users.

Forrester, the leading market research firm, pinpoints eight core areas that successful DXPs should include: content, marketing, commerce, customer service, analytics, customer data, personalisation, and development and operations. 

Forrester also highlights that DXPs should cover the whole customer journey, something most vendors disregard, only focusing on acquisition phases and overlooking post-purchase phases. DXPs must also integrate broad capabilities to reduce friction, maximise reuse and fuel insight.

Why choose Liferay?

Among all DXPs in the market, why choose Liferay? This platform stands out in the crowd because it uniquely serves each business. It’s highly customisable by IT, meaning it is owned and maintained by the company in a much simpler way. Companies can build and automate workflows on the platform and access company knowledge in a universal, secure manner.  It also offers social and collaborative tools; modern social, digital experience features built by IT are also easily managed by the business.

Liferay received the highest scores among evaluated vendors for both B2B and B2E use cases in the 2020 Critical Capabilities for Digital Experience Platforms* from Gartner.

With Liferay, companies can create cross-platform experiences that holistically cater to their specific audiences. Liferay has a stable, reliable and secure core platform, ensuring its clients’ businesses’ quality performance. Its content management is both formal and crowd-sourced.


Why should you migrate to Liferay DXP?

Now that you’ve learned why Liferay is our DXP of choice, you might wonder why migrating to DXP is essential. Well, how do you keep up with ever-changing innovation? Slowing down is not an option. On the contrary, your organisation will need to adapt its business processes and keep developing digitally to satisfy customers, users and stakeholders. 

Liferay is a 10-time leader of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms. The pace of innovation and accomplishment is already fast but will grow even faster, and upgrading Liferay to DXP means instead of lagging, you’ll stay a step ahead. Innovation isn’t just about our products and our business model, but it’s about the mindset empowered and encouraged to think about new and better ways to do anything and everything. 

VASS’ migration methodology to DXP

How does VASS implement and support your business’ migration to DXP? We base our methodology on five key insights, which start with environment isolation. We begin with a new development environment, using a copy of the productive portal, without impacting current environments. 

We then focus on architecture reusability. This involves the migration of pre-production and production using current servers, where both coexist in the same architecture. This way, migrating and validation processes are simplified. 

The third key point to our migration is transparent business impact. It means the current business lifecycle is available during the migration since current environments will still be operative until the migration has finished.

The next insight into our methodology is proven migration. We make two migration trials or executions before launching the production environment, thus reducing production incidents or errors. 

Finally, we find it vital to reduce the frozen time. The production migration process is always as short as possible to mitigate frozen time on the business side. 

Our insights lead us to carve out the following migration path, in which we take these eight steps in our migration and support strategy: 


VASS and Liferay DXP

At Vass, we offer end-to-end services because we pride ourselves in our thought leadership regarding managing and migrating DXP platforms. We’ve worked on them for over 18 years, and have spent the last 9 being a Liferay Partner, and one of the very few multinational platinum partners, that operate in Europe and in Latin America. We’ve enjoyed working with Liferay from the start because we worked on their first DXP project in Europe.

VASS has successfully delivered 150+ Liferay Implementations worldwide in Spain, UK, Netherlands and Latin America. Over the past two years, we’ve completed over 12 migrations to Liferay DXP both on-premise and in-cloud, and we’ve also developed nine accelerators for this solution. We’re lucky to have excellent references in all sectors from financial services to retail and telco, harvesting a five-star customer satisfaction rating.

We’re optimistic that we manage to do this thanks to our team’s outstanding efforts, composed of over 160 Liferay specialists, and more than 500 web experts who put their expertise and know-how to use in our clients’ projects. 

At VASS, we strive to become the number one DXP partner by providing leadership, growth, and excellent service for our clients. We plan to do so by focusing on DXP experiences, harvesting account growth and achieving service excellence.

Liferay is an award-winning open-source Digital Experience Platform company with a greater-than-profit vision.


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