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CSS Insurance is one of Switzerland’s leading health insurers with approximately 1.7 million people having placed their trust in CSS.

How to become a leading insurer in the digital age.

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The challenge

Always at the forefront of customer experience

CSS is looking at 2025 and beyond. They are setting up the digital foundation for the next years. While client behaviours evolve, all the tools to be able to meet their expectations must be in place. To keep their dominant position in the Swiss insurance market, CSS wants to be the leading insurance when it comes to digital practices, a step above the competition.

CSS worked together with the Zurich based agency Unic and One Inside, a VASS Company as one team. Each party involved contributed with expertise.


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How we did it

The digital foundation for the future

CSS took the decision to rethink their digital approach pro-actively and the new digital solution is future-proof, taking advantage of state-of-the-art technology with an architecture open to further integration and advanced features in the years to come.

One Inside, a VASS Company, plays an active role as the architect of this experience and consulted CSS on the technology decision.

Our team designed a technical solution based on the latest version of Adobe Experience Manager.

The CMS of Adobe plays a fundamental role in the whole technological ecosystem and brings together content and experience while integrating analytics, personalisation and targeting, as well as a personal assistant, named SIA, to the entire web ecosystem of CSS Insurances.

The personal assistant SIA is the highlight of the new CSS website. It’s the fruit of a joint effort between CSS, Unic for designing and One Inside, a VASS Compnay for engineering the solution.

At first sight, SIA looks like a chatbot but it offers a lot more than most chatbots:

  • Contextual information is sent to the user based on the page they’re visiting
  • Integration with other systems allows SIA to learn over time
  • Relevant Information is provided to users at the right time

The result


By adopting a conversational marketing approach and with the power of SIA’s conversational interface, CSS fast tracks the client journey through their marketing and sales funnels.

Content marketing plays a pillar role in the new websites as well as CSS provides a lot of information to their clients in four languages.

Dynamic Rendering, a key feature of the new Content Management System, has been leveraged. Authors now save a lot of time managing the thousands of assets, images and videos.

Powered by AI, the system automatically detects the “best part” of the image to always stay in focus on any devices and for any screen ratio.

Authors also get insights on content performance thanks to an advanced analytics solution, which plays an essential role and is focused on customer behavior.

The marketing team can understand how each page is perceived by end-users by looking at metrics such as scroll depth. The information reported by Adobe Analytics guides authors’ content efforts and decisions.


Adobe AEM together with Adobe Analytics and Target make up the base of a personalised experience. A tailor-made personalisation model using the data from Adobe Analytics and Target was set up. The experience is personalised for anonymous visitors. Based on their behaviour, content teasers display pertinent information.

This Success Story was delivered by One Inside, a VASS Company – a leading Adobe technology solutions specialist based in Switzerland.



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