Crédito y Caución


Reinventing yourself or becoming redundant. More autonomy and a digital platform adapted to comply with both the current needs of the customer and future plans.

More autonomy for the employees Better analysis of their KPIs


The challenge

Better service, better security


With almost 100 years of history, Crédito y Caución, since 1965 has been upgrading its technology to optimise reaction time and the accuracy of its risk assessments. A modernization that now requires as operator of Atradius in Spain, Portugal and Brazil, and which starting point was the design solution and adaptation to a current multi-device browsing from a platform capable of being developed in parallel with the future growing of the company. A useful and easily manageable solution to offer marketing and business professionals some independency to manage and publish information on the web.

With almost 100 years of history, Crédito y Caución, since 1965 has been upgrading its technology to optimise reaction time and the accuracy of its risk assessments.



How we did it

Upgrading, adaptability and usability: A new digital platform


Three needs which were perfectly covered by the content manager Magnolia CMS, a digital platform adapted from total coverage to the management of easy use corporate information for the users, besides, it offers a system in continuous evolution with tools able to adapt to future integrations through their Rest-APIs.

The perfect platform to have the same web with the same look&feel but with a better architecture and structure which allows easy growing of its sections and the information which conforms it.

A development which started from the box functionalities offered by Magnolia, and which served as base to generate a personal theme and the components to provide it with the same features already found in their web, facilitating the job of the SEO team.

The result

The future of the companies is online


Thanks to these digital solutions the customer was able to:

  • Improve the capacity of analysis.
  • Improve positioning.
  • Improve the definition of online strategies.

A solution able to build a working environment with a solid evolution to give room to the current initiatives of its online cannel and build the future of the company.

After the implementation of this system we have been able to test and check how this content manager has helped the marketing and communication  teams to work in a more autonomous way, allowing a better analysis of their KPIs, thus, a better positioning and an improvement of the strategies of the company in the online context.

A full service which can be offered due to our philosophy of total backing to our customers and to our wide team, definition and experts in technology in the digital context which conform Nateevo, the digital agency of the group VASS.


Magnolia is a system of content management which priority is the acceleration of the digital experience through an open, flexible and connected CMS. A platform founded in 1997 with more tan 400 customers and 140 partners that allows us to offer:

  • A greater spped to create pages. Up to seven times more tan any CMS. 
  • Up to 90% time less of development. 
  • 80% TI costs reduction. 
  • A  great impact in the invoicing of the company.

Everything in accordance with the security standars of business security through ISO-27001 Certificate.




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