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Quality and Environmental Policy

Grupo VASS is committed to its Quality and Environmental Policy and apply it to the design, development and execution of the projects and services its provides to its customers, to ensure that these are appropriate to the purpose, magnitude, and environmental impact of our business.

The environmental impacts of Grupo VASS are generating urban waste, generating hazardous waste, sanitary discharges, energy and raw material consumption, validating the correct use of waste through to the end of the chain, and subcontracting suppliers duly authorized by the Community of Madrid to treat waste.

The Integrated Quality and Environment Policy will be structured in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Continuous improvement will be used as a strategic and essential tool for achieving our “Total Quality” goal. This will require planning, implementing, checking and adjusting the results.
  • Integrating respect for the environment into our management, while remaining committed at all times to meeting all current regulations and developing controls and improvements over both its direct and indirect aspects.
  • Environmental protection includes preventing pollution
  • And preserving and protecting the environment every day. This is reflected in reducing waste, emissions, general effluents and preventing pollution. It will reduce the environmental impact of the company’s business and is achieved through action plans and training courses.

Encouraging the sustainable use of natural resources. Promoting the procurement of products whose origin and manufacture fully respect the environment. Minimizing the consumption of raw materials and waste generation, and promoting recycling, material recovery and appropriate

waste treatment.

  • Evaluating customer satisfaction and always meeting their requirements and expectations, while complying with the legal requirements specified by the customer and indicated in the procedures.
  • Process management, clearly identifying the key processes and providing an appropriate structure to achieve the objectives.
  • Encouraging motivation and training, and emphasize the benefits that arise from having highly qualified Grupo VASS employees.
  • Encouraging participation, involvement and a sense of environmental responsibility among all who work at Grupo VASS or on its behalf, using adequate communication, training and awareness-raising measures.
  • Increasing continuous improvements in environmental performance. Introducing controls. Encouraging waste recycling and reuse, and preventing atmospheric emissions.
  • Providing adequate safety equipment and establishing accident avoidance procedures that could have a significant impact on the environment.

 Grupo VASS agrees to employ all the technical, economic and human resources required to publish its Quality and Environment Policy to its employees, customers and the general public. This policy shall be reviewed at Board m