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Our global management team is made up of high-level professionals, passionate about innovation and committed to each project.

  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/francisco-javier-latasa

    Francisco Javier Latasa


  • Francisco José Devesa

    Francisco José Devesa

    Global Finance Director

  • Paula Rodrigo VASS management team

    Paula Rodrigo

    Global People & Talent Director

  • Gonzalo Trigo

    Gonzalo Trigo

    Global Director of Technology and Innovation

  • Eugenia Menéndez

    Eugenia Menéndez

    Global Director Strategy and Transformation

  • Jorge González

    Jorge González

    Global Operations Director

  • Rafael Orueta

    Rafael Orueta

    Global Director Control and Management

  • Ana Aguirre

    Ana Aguirre

    Marketing and Communication Director

  • Chus Pastor

    Chus Pastor

    Alliances Director

  • Álvaro Sánchez

    Álvaro Sánchez

    International Director

  • Eduardo Lorente

    Eduardo Lorente

    Business Development Director

  • Jacobo Guillén

    Jacobo Guillén

    Industry Director

  • Javier Reina

    Javier Reina

    Global Insurance Director

  • Alberto Ibáñez

    Ángel López Ibáñez

    Global Director of Energy, Utilities and Environment

  • Pedro Antón

    Pedro Antón

    Director of Public Administration

  • Ignacio De Sopeña

    Ignacio De Sopeña

    Global Business Consulting Director

  • Jesús Poveda

    Jesús Poveda

    Catalonia Delegation Director

  • Javier Pou

    Javier Pou

    Galicia Delegation Director

  • John Erick Martínez

    John Erick Martínez

    Latin America Director

  • Daniel Naoum

    Daniel Naoum

    Country Manager VASS UK

  • Juan Carlos Salazar

    Juan Carlos Salazar

    Country Manager VASS US

  • Patricio Novoa

    Patricio Novoa

    Country Manager VASS Chile

  • Miguel Ángel Ariza

    Miguel Ángel Ariza

    Country Manager VASS Colombia

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