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We are not satisfied with just solving problems, we want to bring innovation and simplicity to the development of the companies of the future to boost people's growth.
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  • Agility

    We move fast because we are horizontal.

  • Commitment

    Your satisfaction is THE result.

  • Talent

    People first, they are the engine of everything.

  • Innovation

    Curiosity and constant improvement.

  • Simplicity

    As an attitude, methodology and result.

Responsible and transparent management

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In VASS, are aware of the importance of managing our business in a transparent, careful and responsible manner, thus our principles guide our professionals in their day-to-day activities, both in their way of proceeding and in interacting with our clients.

- Commitment to employees, clients and other stakeholders with whom we interact

- Ethical and responsible management of our business

- Commitment to information security

- Commitment to the environment

- Zero tolerance against bribery and corruption

4,000 stories of talent and growth

One team

Everything we offer comes from people, that is why we believe in being the most prepared, the most committed, the most creative, but also the most honest, the most diverse and the simplest.

Digital ecosystem of the future

Solutions to each necessity

Responding to all the digital needs of companies requires a high level of specialization in strategy, design, technology and operations. For this reason, we have distributed all this knowledge in a group of first-class companies that offer the answers you are looking for.

    Digital Transformation and Solutions

    Strategic Design and Marketing

    Full e-commerce

    Outsourcing services

    SAP Solutions


    Digital Marketing & Data Solutions


    E-commerce, UX/UI, ERP & Analytics and Test Development


    A.I. enabled process automation to drive exponential efficiency with a highly predictable ROI


    Innovative cloud strategy & solutions


as a purpose

Social Responsibility is also a team task

Solidarity is another pillar of the company, that is why we allocate 2% of our profit to charitable actions and employees allocate 1% of their working hours to different volunteer programs. In addition, we cultivate digital talent through the VASS Foundation.


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