At VASS Asia Pacific we focus on customer-centric products and processes. As a partner of major software vendors, we design and implement innovative solutions specific to our customers' needs. The keys to our success are the team spirit and entrepreneurial thinking of our well-versed consultants and the close collaboration with our customers and software partners.

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Customer service and service management

Measurably increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing seamless service with Cloud based Customer Service and FSM Solutions. VASS leverages its team, experienced in more than 50 Service management solutions with customers from a diverse range of industry sectors including but not limited to energy, healthcare and medical, manufacturing, high tech, utilities, audit and quality management, transportation, food technologies and facilities management.

Customer Engagement Platform

VASS empowers companies by leveraging customer data to create better business outcomes. Working closely with your marketing team, we define key metrics, design data solutions and enable personalised multichannel campaigns. With our expertise, you can revolutionise your data-driven strategies and achieve unprecedented success. Trust VASS to unlock the full potential of your customer data, fueling enhanced customer experiences and driving superior business results. Partner with us and harness the power of data for transformative growth and lasting impact.


86% of B2B customers are willing to pay more for a better, faster and more convenient user experience. Products should be easily accessible, have the right information, and packaged in a smooth and seamless experience that meets customer expectations. The VASS Service Portal Accelerator, built on industry leading cloud-based commerce platforms, lays the foundation for this, providing customers with direct access interaction history, current and past offers, orders and invoices. We create sustainable e-commerce platform with a focus on conversion and customer experience.

Customer Data Platform

A platform for collecting, processing and managing customer data. The aim is to provide sales and marketing teams with a 360 view of customer identity and interaction. Centrally aggregated data, unique experiences and personalised customer journeys can be delivered across different channels. Privacy and data protection are a priority. Our certified architects and developers are experts in guiding our clients through the process of creating a coherent digital experience platform built with leading CDP providers that enables success now and in the future.


Improve your sales team’s productivity and get better visibility into sales pipelines enabling informed, collaborative decision making. As an implementer and strategic partner with industry leading CRM vendors for the entire Customer Experience product suite, VASS integrates the different systems into the lead-to-cash cycle, so that omni-channel lead and customer engagement across all touch points is better than ever.


Our global management team is made up of high-level professionals who are passionate about innovation and committed to each project.

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