AI’s role in banking: benefits and risks

Although we think of AI as something groundbreaking, AI’s role in banking and financial services has been transformative since its inception. The implementation of AI in banking applications and software solutions has significantly revolutionized the way companies access and manage their finances. It reduces costs, increases productivity, and aids in decision-making based on information that […]

23 Nov 2023

The year of AI

You no longer need to be an AI practitioner or a member of the AI community to deliver AI-driven products and services. From the release of the beta version of GPT-3 in 2020, this reality seemed to be in a distant future. However, since then, the race to become the most powerful LLM model started, […]

The Role of AI in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) played an important role at the UN General Assembly just a few weeks ago. The UN Secretary-General António Guterres said “The Goals are not just a list — they carry the hopes, dreams, aspirations, and expectations of people everywhere.  However, only 15 per cent of the targets are […]

What is Prompt Engineering?

Article index At first glance, the question “What is prompt engineering?” may seem to delve into a niche area of artificial intelligence. Yet, as we dive deeper into the modern world of AI, we find that this seemingly specialized topic plays a pivotal role in shaping how humans interact with machine learning models. The ability […]

How to get ROI in AI projects: From Hype to ROI

Article Index Artificial Intelligence (AI) is buzzing everywhere. The tech world is rife with grand promises and futuristic visions. But how much of this is reality and how much is mere hype? Forbes sheds light on a startling fact: 85.4% of AI projects don’t impact commercial returns. With only 14.6% of firms globally deploying AI […]

VASS at Dreamforce Chronicle

Dreamforce 2023 has been a dynamic event full of insights, announcements, and product highlights focusing on how trusted AI is reshaping the business landscape. Over the course of three days, the event unveiled the roadmap toward a future where cutting-edge AI technologies and a strong commitment to data privacy are at the core of Salesforce’s […]