RegTech: the future of the insurance industry

Evolving business models and the proliferation of innovative technologies are accelerating change within the insurance industry. While insurers recognise that they need to innovate, they are often hampered by the obligation to address ongoing regulatory challenges and associated compliance costs. However, insurers are beginning to look to new technologies for all areas of their business, […]

01 Jun 2022

Resilience as an information security guarantee

Information security must be based on resilience. Facing more and more sophisticated cyber attacks, insurance companies have to effectively protect the data in custody. This is of paramount importance because this information is very sensitive and any mistakes may cost both the company and the customer dearly. The importance of resilience Resilience is important for the […]

05 Sep 2021

Digital onboarding, how does it affect the insurance sector?

Digital onboarding encourages users to become customers. Increasing sales is a goal  that all businesses need to bear in mind. The insurance sector is not unaware of this rule, which is why it has to rely on techniques, technologies and methodologies that boost its services. We will now explain this concept and how it can be applied […]

05 Sep 2021