IoT opportunities for telecommunications companies

Connected devices are becoming increasingly more common. Smart fridges, wearables capable of measuring our pulse, heaters that connect remotely, and so on. This not only applies at home, but IoT is also useful in companies and factories as it allows greater control in detecting errors and problems. The telecommunications sector benefits from all this usage […]

20 Jul 2022

From multichannel to omnichannel in telco customer service

Multi-channel and omni-channel are terms that seem similar but are very different from the customer’s point of view, and therefore, telcos need to evolve in this sense. This will enable them to improve their customer service and ensure user satisfaction. But what should telecommunications companies consider when taking this step? Multichannel or omnichannel? Multi-channel is […]

11 Jul 2022

Why is customer interaction essential in the telecommunications industry?

The telecommunications industry is very competitive and fast-moving, and the area of customer communication is not an easy one by any means. However, providing a good service is essential for any company in this sector, regardless of the type of service it offers. Today, it is clear that in order to be successful in telecommunications, […]

20 Jun 2022

Accelerating the transformation of the telecoms sector with No Code platforms

The pandemic has unleashed a big pressure on businesses across all industries, which have been forced to accelerate their digital transformation like never before. The telecommunications sector was no exception.  New forms of development such as Low Code and No Code platforms have emerged in recent years to help companies build platforms and more easily […]

01 Jun 2022

The beginning of the cookieless era

The cookieless era is about to start. The legal changes introduced by the European Data Protection Regulation were aimed at guaranteeing the protection of the user’s personal details, a fact that affects online marketing campaigns directly. In view of this situation, Google and other companies have started getting rid of third-party cookies. This is how a period change begins. […]

14 Oct 2021

Transforming the customer relationship through a holistic approach

A holistic view implies all kinds of changes in the relationship with customers. Nurturing the customer’s experience with the brand is fundamental. Many telecoms companies fail in this mission, which impoverishes their brand image. To achieve good results, leveraging different communication channels is essential. What are the keys? Customer experience and holistic vision Customer centricity […]

10 Oct 2021

How to create and effectively use a B2B funnel

In the telecommunications industry, the concept of the B2B funnel has risen as a growing force of innovation: a technological one-to-one that facilitates business-to-business interactions.  Why is an inbound marketing strategy vital for a B2B funnel? Data shows that customers are wary of businesses upon first interaction: over half are unwilling to make a transaction […]

12 Jul 2021

First steps in Process Mining for Telcos

Process mining allows us to obtain a dynamic and accessible visual representation of a data sequence, enabling a fresh look at and in-depth understanding of what is happening in a telco process. Once this insight is gained, and the big “Eureka!” moment happens, behavioral analysis is more easily taken care of. This snowballs to more […]

At the speed of information: Data and personalised experience

Even before 2020, companies have been trending towards more data-driven practices and offerings. And in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, digitization and data have grown to be essential tools across every industry. With all of this powerful information in their hands, companies are now in a race with one another to find the most […]

How can Telecom Companies Improve Customer Experience

Article Index Within the highly competitive telecom industry, customer experience is crucial in maintaining and developing an advantage over other companies. Operators are also seeking flexibility to offer new services so they can increase the value and number of contracts with customers, both for B2C and B2B segments. For this process to be completed successfully, […]