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We are all responsible

Our commitment to society drives us to add value, not only to companies, but also to people.

United Nations Global Compact

At VASS we are aware of the challenges posed by today's society, which is why we are committed to the United Nations Global Compact in its three areas: human and labour rights, environment and sustainability, and the fight against corruption.


Equality and conciliation

We all have a work life and a personal life. That’s why with our “VASS Concilia” and “SomosIgual.es” programs we equip the entire team with tools that enable new ways of working, allowing them a healthy development in all areas of their life and stimulating integration and equal opportunities.


VASS Foundation

Digital talent is a social value that we must cultivate and promote. For this reason, we support its development at our Foundation through training, research and technological innovation. We gather human and financial resources that boost people's productivity and improve access for vulnerable groups.


Since 2017 we’ve channelled corporate volunteer work as part of the Fundación MAPFRE #SéSolidario program, always starting with our four social pillars:


Organizing advisory sessions for small entities.


Offering mentoring and technology workshops to interested vulnerable groups.


Seeking first-person experiences within a quarterly action plan.


Supporting causes that allocate funds for research in health areas and other partners.