VASS Ireland work with Irish businesses, from SMB through to Enterprise providing innovative solutions and digital transformation specialised services. Currently operating in Ireland and Northern Ireland, our team of experts have extensive experience delivering many successful projects supporting customers across Financial Services, Business & Professional Services, Hi-Tech, Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Telco & Media. VASS Ireland brings together the best talent and industry knowledge with the world's leading technology partners such as Salesforce, designed to support customers on their transformation journey and overcome complex business challenges.


Financial Services

Technology and the new ways to understand the customer’s position are shaking up the financial services sector, thus fostering the emergence of new competitors and innovative business models. At VASS, we consider our role is to help customers throughout this transformation. We focus on topics such as digital sales, customer onboarding, end-to-end process automation, fraud prevention and ID unification. Our approach helps financial institutions stay ahead in this rapidly changing environment.

Business Services

We bring a structured approach to business transformation and strategic planning. Through our solution and process road mapping workshops we build a shared future state vision of our client's organization. We leverage collaborative workshops, technical deep dive sessions and design thinking principles to generate cross stakeholder buy-in on business requirements, future processes, solutions and experiences needed for your organisation to thrive..

Retail & CPG

The retail industry is always leading when it comes to adopting technologies to improve customer experience. We create innovative solutions that help overcome today’s challenges and identify tomorrow’s opportunities. We help retailers with their marketing, digital listening, customer data activation, ecommerce, expansion, growth and the monitoring and tracking of environmental social and governance matters. Finally, our Retail Media solution brings a new line of revenue to retailers looking to monetise their web properties.


VASS helps manufacturing companies with resilience and reducing time to market, we offer various services, from operational efficiency to product lifecycle management. Our solutions contribute to sales growth and better customer service, while digitalising procurement, end-to-end operations and logistics. We’re specialists in disciplines such as hyperautomation, sustainability, low code development, asset management & inventory optimization, transport & warehousing cost optimization and real-time supply chain visibility.

Telecoms & Media

At VASS, we have over 20 years’ experience helping global and national telecoms companies with their digital transformation. We provide digital solutions across the entire value chain in areas such as enterprise management, digital strategy, customer experience, hyperautomation and cybersecurity.

Travel, Hospitality & Leisure

At VASS, we provide customised solutions that create better experiences, improve customer engagement and streamline operations. We focus on areas such as revenue management, team productivity, customer loyalty, personalised experiences, process transformation, digital identity and growth. We have 20 years' experience in the sector, a dedicated team of more than 1500 professionals and over 100 travel, hospitality and leisure clients around the globe.

Energy & Utilities

VASS have helped over 25 energy and utilities companies with their digital transformation and we’re growing at a rate of 20% year on year. As industry leaders, we're dedicated to facilitating the green transition. We specialise in areas such as customer engagement, operations, and using insight from data to establish new business models and create new revenue streams. We help with intelligent enterprise, smart asset management, remote and hybrid work and addressing sustainability matters. Our approach is driving transformation in the energy and utilities industry.

Public Administation

At VASS, we have more than 10 years' experience working with public administrations and have completed 35 digital transformation projects in the sector. We provide digital solutions to address emerging challenges and meet citizen’s demands in a digital world. We help public administrations in areas like cloud, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, hyperautomation, data management, analysis and ethics and monitoring environmental, social and governance matters.


Our management team are made up of high-level professionals who are passionate about innovation and committed to each project.

  • Lee Goodenough

    Managing Director

  • Rob Taylor

    Account Director

  • Robyn Lewis

    Account Director

  • Jack Pearson

    Head of Salesforce



VASS has 10+ years experience in CRM, providing end-to-end Salesforce thought leadership across industries, creating experiences with a single unified platform focus on the main industry goals.


Organizational Change Management (OCM) is an imperative piece to any solution, process, structural or go-to-market change. We offer a comprehensive five phased approach to change management in which we lead and support both B2B and B2C organizations faced with rolling out large scale change. Our change management approach is flexible and scalable based on the needs and impact of the onset changes.


A key part of digital transformation initiatives is to innovate at a fast pace. Our Process & Integration practice helps design, implement and automate and integrate business processes utilising solutions such as Mulesoft.

Custom Development

We carry out software projects with a large team of professionals specialised in end-to-end development.


By using the latest technology, we provide solutions that are fast, scalable, and future proof, helping you stay ahead of your competitors. With our experience in development, architecture transitions, and integrations we adapt your business to changing user behavior and environments.

Digital Transformation

Full commitment on designing and optimising effective business processes, maximising sales and improving up-selling and cross-selling strategies. Agile best practices achieving fast time to market and customer satisfaction.