At VASS US & Canada, we solve real business challenges and help our customers sustain a contemporary vision through digital exploration at scale. We encourage our customers to start with vision and strategy, create transformation roadmaps and embark on prioritized implementations. Our vision and strategy creation services are guided by a team of experts that utilize Design Thinking methodology. Our technology roadmaps are created by a team of Enterprise Architects that pay close attention to solutions that best fit the business requirements. Our project engagements are driven by a cross-functional team passionate in delivering the vision and strategy set-forth by our team and  our customers leadership. Our people are at the core of who we are and what we achieve for our customers. We are agile, committed, innovative, and talented. Our aim is efficiency, efficacy and, of course, simplicity.

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The retail industry is always leading when it comes to adopting technologies to improve customer experience. The VASS Retail Foundry brings foundational elements such as a CDP that powers personalized marketing and commerce experiences. It also provides our customers with a loyalty solution, a marketplace solution, order management, retail specific insights and artificial intelligence. Finally, our Retail Media solution brings a new line of revenue to retailers looking to monetize their web properties.

Banking & Capital Markets

Our Banking customers rely on VASS to support them with various initiatives related to Sales Growth, Operational Efficiency, Data Intelligence, New Business Models, Human Capital and Path2Cloud. We utilize technologies such as Appian, Salesforce, Adobe, and Snowflake amongst others to achieve those outcomes. Our Copilot team specializes in Private Equity, Venture Capital and Real Estate Equity business processes and they leverage Salesforce as the technology to help improve them. The VASS Copilot Accelerator for Private Equity and Real Estate Equity gets our customers up and running in as little as 6 weeks.


At VASS, we are committed to carefully selecting the most qualified and talented professionals to carry out the project at the client's premises. Our goal is to ensure excellence and the highest quality at every stage of the project, providing solutions that perfectly adapt to the client's needs and expectations, thereby guaranteeing an outstanding experience and outstanding results.

B2B - Manufacturing, Distribution, & High Tech

Given the current consumerization of experiences, B2B organizations are tasked with improving customer and partner experiences just as B2C organizations have been over the past decade. The Manufacturing, Distribution and High-Tech industries are pressed to continuously innovate in order to service their customers and partners via omni-channel engagement. Our B2B customer experience experts guide organizations to improve upon the following via customer engagement strategies, solutions and processes.

Life Sciences (Med Device & Pharma)

The life science medical device industry is unique from many perspectives. Data security and integrity, complex lead-to-cash processes with bundled product and service offerings including new revenue models in leasing and subscriptions, service management with CAPA reporting, reverse logistics, post market surveillance, quality management and reporting. In the Pharma industry our focus has been on delivering superior B2B Commerce experiences with integrated rebate, and promotion management capabilities.

SAP Customer Experience

An SAP Pinnacle Award and Gold Partner, the VASS team, specializes in SAP CX. With 20+ years of consulting enterprise architecture and implementation experience, we deliver results with SAP Sales & Service Cloud, SAP Emarsys, SAP Customer Data Solutions & SAP Commerce Cloud. We integrate with both SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA using SAP BTP Integration Services (a.k.a SAP CPI) and provide end-to-end business processes such as Lead to Cash, and Service Management.

Composable Commerce & Digital Experiences

Composable Commerce architectures are characterized by cloud based, API first core platforms that can be integrated with best of breed add-ons such as Content Management Solutions, Search Solutions, Check-out Solutions, and Order Management Solutions. Our Commerce team specializes in Composable architectures based on SAP Commerce Cloud with Add-ons such as Coveo Search, Contentful or Adobe Experience Management CMS, Bolt Check Out and Fluent Commerce Order Management.

Customer Centric (Salesforce Sales & Service)

As a Salesforce partner, our US & Canada Customer Centric practice focusses on the core Salesforce Clouds, Marketing Cloud, Experience Cloud and Financial Services Cloud. We deliver superior experiences with an experienced team that leverages our “smart shore” capabilities from Mexico and Colombia. For our Financial Services customers, we offer a path to move from the core Salesforce cloud to the FS Cloud. We also offer our customers the possibility to integrate Salesforce with Zuora for Subscription billing scenarios and other point solutions within the Salesforce App Exchange.

Process & Integration

A key part of digital transformation initiatives is to innovate at a fast pace. Low Code / No Code solutions that help automate business processes and create engaging user experiences are a key part of the transformation efforts for our customers. Our Process & Integration practice helps design, implement and automate and integrate business processes utilizing solutions such as Appian and Mulesoft.

Data & AI

We provide our customers with Intelligent Process Automation powered by AI. We deploy AI in a private model, respecting that our customers own their data, and they have the right to benefit from AI, without handing their data to other cloud solution providers. Our AI solutions can be used in a variety of use cases and utilize all publicly available AI models from organizations such as Open AI, Google, Meta and Stanford. AI can be used to derive insights from data it can “See”, data it can listen to, read and understand, and data that can be analyzed to predict and detect. We have delivered incredible value to our customers with our bespoke AI solutions.

Business Transformation, Strategic Planning & Roadmapping Services

We bring a structured approach to business transformation and strategic planning. Through our solution and process roadmapping workshops we build a shared future state vision of our client's organization. We leverage collaborative workshops, technical deep dive sessions and design thinking principles to generate crossstakeholder buy-in on business requirements, future processes, solutions and experiences needed for your organization to thrive.

Marketing Strategy, Martech Implementation & Agency Services

We serve organizations at all levels of digital marketing maturity. For organizations already leveraging marketing automation solutions we ensure you stay one step ahead of your competitors by offering optimal customer experiences through omni-channel strategies, customer experience research, Martech and customer data solution optimization. For organizations looking to break into the world of customer engagement via Marketing automation we implement net new Martech solutions, establish customer segments and build personalized campaigns to reach your target customers.

Organizational Change Management

Organizational Change Management (OCM) is an imperative piece to any solution, process, structural or go-to-market change. We offer a comprehensive five phased approach to change management in which we lead and support both B2B and B2C organizations faced with rolling out large scale change. Our change management approach is flexible and scalable based on the needs and impact of the onset changes


Our global management team is made up of high-level professionals who are passionate about innovation and committed to each project.

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    MD USA & Canada


VASS shaping AI for what is next 

We at VASS recognise that Artificial Intelligence is no longer a distant future but today, AI is revolutionising the entire modern world in which we live at every possible level. For businesses now is the time for shaping what they want to be and step forward defining the next level of engagement with this technology.  […]

03 Jul 2023




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