VASS has been in the UK for 10+ Years, working with large organisations, providing specialist services

VASS is a trusted partner in a number of technologies ensuring that we are able to get the perfect mix of product, platform and people to make your project successful. VASS UK specializes in Customer Platforms, Web Platforms and more, bringing together the best talent and industry knowledge to support with your journey and transformation.

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Market overview

Financial Services

VASS has over 20 Years of Software Consultancy in Finanical Services, working with some of the largest Organisations in the world. Briging a wide array of support in different sub industries from Asset Management, Foreign Exchange to Retail, Investment and Business.


VASS has a rich history in working within some of the largest Telecommunications companies in the world integrating backend platforms into front end customer communication platforms. VASS has built custom solution that now sit in some of the largest mobile providers globally to support and help streamline their services.

High Tech

Whether you are B2B or B2C or B2B2C, VASS has knowledge and solutions to support you from Sales, Service, Commerce and Marketing to get your product to market. Working within High Tech, VASS understands firsthand what it takes to build an organization and take your product to market.

Our leaders

Meet us

  • Lee Goodenough

    Head of Sales

  • Alvaro Pariente

    Head of Operations

  • Maria Merino

    Head of People & Talent

  • Daniel Naoum

    Daniel Naoum

    Country Manager


Blockchain yes, but why? New uses cases that will blow your mind

Article Index In today’s digital era, the term “blockchain” frequently surfaces in conversations about technology and innovation. Initially known for its role in powering cryptocurrencies, blockchain‘s potential extends far beyond just digital coins. This decentralized ledger system, characterized by transparency and immutability, is changing how data is stored and exchanged. While the traditional uses of […]

How VASS is transforming User Experience globally

Maybe the concept of “Galaxy” is something you have heard before?   But at VASS, Galaxy is the synonym of a ground-breaking project that we very proudly developed for our client, Parques Reunidos, one of the top 10 global leading operators in the amusement park industry. It has been in the making for three years and […]

Our latest news

Our latest news

Discover our latest news

VASS co-launches the eXtended Reality for Education platform (XR4ED) to accelerate innovation in learning and education in the EU

Madrid, 20th of November 2023 VASS, a leading digital solutions company to the European Union (EU) institutions, announces that it is co-launching the eXtended Reality for Education platform (XR4ED), together with 10 other partnering organisations from Cyprus, Ireland, Greece, France, Germany, Romania, and Spain. The aim of the new platform is to promote eXtended Reality […]

05 Dec 2023

VASS recognised as ‘Partner of the Year’ at the 2023 Appian International Partner Awards

We proudly announce our recognition as the ‘Partner of the Year’ for EMEA Channel Sales in the 2023 Appian International Partner Awards edition. These awards seek to highlight the exceptional work, dedication, and innovation, in leveraging the AI-powered Appian Platform to deliver transformational business value to clients through end-to-end process automation Appian, a frontrunner in software […]

20 Nov 2023

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