VASS analyzes the new digitalization players in SAP NOW Madrid

19 Apr 2018

Jesús Poveda, Public Sector Director at VASS, and Andrés Quintero, SAP Director at the company, discuss the new players of digitalization and present the demo ‘B2B. How to act in the face of a new paradigm: Amazon’

The digitalization process of companies to adapt to the demand of users has brought with it a new business context with players never seen before. These players have become market leaders, such as Amazon or AliExpress. The analysis of this new paradigm is the basis of the B2B demo. How to act in face of the new paradigm: Amazon’ that  VASS  presents this Thursday in  SAP NOW Madrid 2018 .

This event, which is celebrated in the Municipal Conference Center of Madrid with the sponsorship of VASS, deals with issues related to the digital economy and strategy. Expert voices from different areas and companies from all sectors discuss how to use new technologies and their applications to shape new business models.

In this context, Jesús Poveda, a Public Sector Director, and Andrés Quintero, the SAP Director at VASS, are in charge of explaining the vision of the VASS Group regarding these platforms. Both analyze the new digitalization players and dissect how the demand of the users has forced the business models to adapt to the new paradigm, well becoming part of marketplaces like Amazon or AliExpress, or adapting its offer to the new environment.

To exemplify this analysis, VASS experts expose the project carried out by Noria Logistics on the SAP Hybris platforme-commerce platform that supports multichannel digital operations and allows a high degree of interaction between customers and companies.

This project has had a value-based approach through design thinking and it has been developed by VASS. The development aims to capture a digital user that continuously uses multiple channels and seeks to have an optimal experience in order to become a loyal e-commerce customer.

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